Tool Design and Construction

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Our Performances for Tool Manufacturing and Construction

Normatec, your flexible and modern partner, is available to help you with experienced experts.
We can produce the full range of pressing tools, press shop, and stamping tools in all levels of difficulty.

Mechanical Processing
Top Quality through High Accuracy

The prerequisite for the accurate implementation of your engineering input is the processing with high accuracy.

The modern CNC milling-machines from our partner Automotive Dies Barcelona, S.L. in Spain, enable us to implement the latest technologies regarding tool design and construction. We assure you short run-through times and high quality of the pressing tools.
The NC programming is predominantly directly for the machining instrument. Here we work without drawings on paper directly from the Catia 3D Solid.

The tool park of our partner Automotive Dies Barcelona, S.L. in Spain offers:

  • 4 CNC Milling-Machines
  • 3 Axis Processing
  • 5 Axis Machines, planned for 2015

Ram sizes of the machines: up to 4,800 mm x 2,500 mm

milling machine

Tool Assembly
We work according to the criteria of German quality

We build the tools according to the criteria of German quality. Here, all steel are spotted in the bottom surfaces and reworked in evenness. In parallel to the installation work, we develop a perfect drawing part and test the smallest possible PCB size to ensure the maximum saving effect in combination with high process reliability for our customers.


Tests under Mass Production

On our try-out presses, our customers can test their tool projects under realistic mass production. Here, around 15 toolmakers will work in a three-shift operation, supported by specialists of surface reworking.

Existing Hydraulic Press:

  • Hydraulic Press 3,000 t
  • Hydraulic Press 2000 t
  • Hydraulic Press 1,600 t
  • Hydraulic Press 1,000 t
  • Hydraulic Press 500 t

Final tryout works
Optimization for the serial manufacturing

We do the final adaption works on the serial presses of our customers. Here we optimize the tools for the serial manufacturing, for that we guarantee the aims process safety, repeatability (cpk-values) and the tolerances following to the customers part drawing (f.e. note 1 on the serial press).

Quality Assurance
The Key to Your Success

For us, quality management is the key to fulfill your requirements. To assure your claimed quality, we use the following technology:

  • Measurement of the tools' active parts
  • Free Measurement of sheet metal components and regular geometry according to CAD and part drawings
  • Optical digitization of curved surfaces
  • Measurement of a pre-series according to specifications of customer
  • Sheet metal component sampling according to specifications of the automotive industry
  • Cooperation with the company Hexagon Metrology in Cerdanyola / Barcelona, Spain


You can reduce Development Costs and Production Costs and maintain your high-quality standard you are accustomed to!

Production in Europe and Asia

Tool construction takes place on facilities of our partners in Europe and Asia. Production is done by means of our tool engineering and controlled by our project management. For fine-tuning in the quality of tool parts or for changed purchase orders, we use our facility in Spain.

Production in Europe

With more than 18 years of experience in the European market, we offer the following advantages:

  • Knowledge of the supplier structure
  • Information on Economic Data of the Company
  • Extensive network with sub-contractors and companies providing services
  • Optimization of Production Efficiency
  • Bridging the gap of language and cultural barriers

Production in Asia

We have reliable partners in China and South Korea. With over 8 years of experience in project Asia, we offer the following benefits:

  • Transmission of German / Western European standards of quality
  • Surveillance of Production
  • Optimization of Production Efficiency
  • Bridging the gap of language and cultural barriers

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