NITROTEC-gas springs

NITROTEC-design gas springs are used within the sheet metal forming and machine manufacturing industries in presses and stamping tools. In comparison to Elastomer, cup or coil springs, gas springs provide a significantly higher force and need a significantly smaller installation space for similar force results. With gas springs, force is available during the complete stroke.
NITROTEC gas springs achieve in comparison with those of the competition much higher forces, within smaller installation spaces and a longer useful life cycle.
The NITROTEC standard gas spring product range is completed with individualised technical solutions, e.g. Controlled-movement and impact-damping gas springs, hydraulic cams, manifold springs and cam units- and especially also with speedy and reliable service.


The pressure inside a gas springs acts on various sections of the piston. The result is a defined force that expels the piston. The desired force is obtained by the designer's selection of the right pressure and volume for the gas spring. Pressure increases during the movement of the piston by the decrease in space when the piston runs into the body and this generates a proportionate increase in force. Piston movement is brought about by the characteristics of the pressure means in terms of returning to its natural condition. The expulsion force depends on surface smoothness on both sides of the piston. There is therefore a difference between the initial force at the beginning of the stroke and the final force at the end of it. Force increase varies depending on the different spring types, which have varying volumes and piston section dimensions.

Pressure Means, Filling Pressure and Lubrication

NITROTEC gas springs are filled with commercial and ecologically-friendly nitrogen. Depending on the type, gas springs are usually filled with a pressure ranging between 150 and 175 bar (set value at 20° C). By decreasing the pressure, the force can be reduced proportionally. The gas spring also contains a small amount of oil, for damping and lubrication purposes.

Safety First: NITROTEC Gas Springs provide Maximum Security

  • Our Gas Spring Production is carried out in accordance with the European Pressure Equipment Directive PED 97/23/EG
  • Our Gas Spring Design pursue maximum product safety (e.g. piston in one piece, wall thickness)
  • Backup for the exploitation of maximum filling pressure
  • Tests carried out under series conditions