Services for Tool Design and Construction

We make sure that you are able to produce

With a series of services for tool design and construction, we are responsible for your tools to work.

Our Services for Tool Design and Construction

We perform adaptation and maintenance of your tools for your convenience.
To this end, we jointly plan your precise quality objectives and appointments. Then, in the framework of a contract
with fixed deliverables, we complete the contents independently.

Adaptation of Foreign Tools

Adaptation or integration of a tool in the production process and realization of the necessary quality standards are complex and expensive.

Normatec supports you with a personal team of skilled toolmakers that performs adaptation of the tools independently on the series presses of the customer. Here, work on the function, the surfaces, and on the quality of the component part is performed. We assign staff according to qualifications and experiences as well as specialization of outer skin or structural elements.

You can also benefit from our skilled labor with many years of expertise regarding adaptation of existing tools.



We provide, both internal or external, qualified tool maintenance. Normatec's team of skilled toolmakers provides, in the framework of a contract with fixed deliverables, maintenance for tools in your home – or, in case of a corresponding outline contract, we set up a temporary facility on-site at your firm.


Your benefits

We view the combination of product, production and operating resources as priority for successful operation of a project. Comprehensive know-how and sufficient capacity to meet the challenges are our strength.
We offer integrated competence by trained and, above all, knowledgeable staff, which, through many years of contact with customers, know the requirements and needs of the customers and consider these while performing the project.

Our employee’s extensive know-how in training, try-out and handling are considered as the core expertise of our planning services and, thus, a guarantee of high-quality solutions. Everything from a single source, without unnecessary interfaces that simplify a query regarding compliance with planned defined milestones, and do not lose focus on the essentials.

  • We are able to provide adaptation of tools independently, or in close cooperation with your technicians
  • The team has many years of experience in this tool-try-out and in adaptation of tools at the sheet metal facilities of the customer
  • Our experts are capable to bridge the gap of language and cultural barriers
  • Analysis and evaluation of an existing tool issue in terms of potential for improvement
  • Reduction of the circuit board size, by simulation and subsequent design modifications
  • Increasing the number of cycles within the technological possibilities

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