Development of tool concepts that will convince you.

Our passion is the development and optimization of tools
for sheet metal forming

Our Services in Engineering

Based on the CAD data of the component, your sheet material data and press specifications, we develop,
in the first instance, a rough tool methods plan in our home that we present to you.
Then, in several steps the tool design takes place.

Feasibility Studies
Review & Optimization

By using simulation and our longtime experience related to the tool method and tool construction, we check whether it is possible to manufacture the part. Here, the tolerances of the fabricated sheet metal part play a decisive role.
Further we ensure a repetition accuracy at a high productivity of the tool.
This results in either a positive assessment of the feasibility, or a concept for amendments, on how the geometry of the components of the vehicle can be changed.

Process planning and Simulation
Secure Process Capability
in Mass Production

The development of a qualified method plan is to develop an optimal production method. Here, we examine the sheet of material and virtually the use of the tool in the press or in the press line of the customer. By means of this simulation the feasibility of the sheet metal forming process is examined. In the course of the detailed method development, we simulate here the spring back appearance of the metal part in all tool operations as well as the calculation of the forces required. For tools that are equipped with the transfer automation or feeder automation, we create the preliminary flow chart that ensures the free movement of all moving components of the automation.

Tool Design
Voting on Series Production

The detailed design of the forming tools and trimming tools is done in Catia V5 and is created based on the 3D Solid Method Plan. Here, the installation dimensions and the remaining parameters are precisely matched to the subsequent installation in the series press incl. the electricity and also, if needed, the pneumatics. The result is a 3D Solid Design. Based on the method plan and tool design, we model the active surfaces of the individual tools.

Your benefits

We view the combination of product, production and operating resources as priority for successful operation of a project. Comprehensive know-how and sufficient capacity to meet the challenges are our strength.
We offer integrated competence by trained and, above all, knowledgeable staff, which, through many years of contact with customers, know the requirements and needs of the customers and consider these while performing the project.

Our employee's extensive know-how in training, try-out and handling are considered as the core expertise of our planning services and, thus, a guarantee of high-quality solutions. Everything from a single source, without unnecessary interfaces that simplify a query regarding compliance with planned defined milestones, and do not lose focus on the essentials.

  • Check and evaluation of a change request regarding the effects of feasibility, timeline and costs.
  • Change of the methodplan.
  • Change of a the tool design / 3 D flow chart.
  • Technical consulting and support for complex tasks.
  • Change of the tool design in case of a move to another production plant and different press.
  • Increase of productivity and cost reduction.
  • Check and evaluation of a tool status regarding the potential of improvements.
  • Reduction of the blank size by simulation and later change of the tool design.
  • Increase of the number of cycles inside of the technical capabilities.

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