1. Piston rod

  • Fatigue-resistant heavy duty steel
  • One-piece piston
  • “Superfinish“ surface treatment with the lowest possible friction factor
  • High erosion features increase volume and decrease compression and heat factors

2. Safety ring

  • High backup reserves in maximum load limits ensure maximum safety

3. Guide bushings

  • Our guide bushings are equiped with integrated dirt scapers
  • Our guide bushings also have self-lubricating guiding elements

4. Sealings

  • We use only highest-quality sealings with protracted useful lives, even if the gas spring is used without maintenance and maximum loads for long periods of time.
  • We use special sealings for special operating conditions.

5. Tough body construction for a long endurance

  • One-piece bodies in models with stroke length of 125 mm and below.
  • Bottom tube threaded and welded lid in models with stroke lengths above 125 mm


  • Wartungsfreier Dauerbetrieb mit einer langen Standzeit
  • Wartungsfreundlichkeit bei allen Federtypen
  • Maximale Stabilität in allen Komponenten
  • Maximale Sicherheit am Arbeitsplatz