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Product Guarantee for NITROTEC Gas Springs

2.000.000 strokes for stroke lengths up to 25 mm
100.000 meters linear stroke length for strokes above 25 mm
1 year starting from the date of delivery

Terms of Guarantee

The product must not have been damaged through external mechanical influence, for example, it should not have any dents on the piston rod
The product [...]


Guidelines for Safe Use and Maximum Useful Life

Each gas spring type and stroke have different technical values. The NITROTEC catalogue is now offering individual technical maximum values for each gas spring and for each stroke, e.g. maximum stroke rate per minute, maximum piston speed and maximum filling pressure. We scrupulously adhere to the technical specifications established by the leading sealing manufacturers and [...]

Technical information for gas springs

NITROTEC-gas springs

NITROTEC-design gas springs are used within the sheet metal forming and machine manufacturing industries in presses and stamping tools. In comparison to Elastomer, cup or coil springs, gas springs provide a significantly higher force and need a significantly smaller installation space for similar force results. With gas springs, force is available during the complete [...]